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While teaching at John Brown University, I felt it was important to start documenting the wire-based art installations I had been doing since 1996. I began drawing with baling wire my first semester of grad school, and it wasn’t long before I was creating room and gallery-sized installations. Before I moved to teach at John Brown University, I had already completed four and felt it was time to begin documenting them in some sort of book form. I was not afraid of difficult topics, and an example of the serious nature would be the first paragraph of my Thesis, "Drawn and Quartered, a Bipolar Frame of Mind"—about my life with bipolar disorder.

"I’m completely unaware of how I produced so much work, completely unaware of how I produced anything. I’m a man of rapid cycles, surged with a myriad of ideas and emotions. As a man, I crave to be outgoing—everyone’s friend, but more naturally I’m drawn into shadows. Shadows of solitude hug my social-side, but my solitary-side reflects into gatherings. I’m halved and halved again—quartered, behind masks drawn ’round me, yet drawn to being exposed. Not wholly present, not wholly absent. Feeling more than the whole of my life, feeling incomplete."

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