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FLIP BOOK: "My Rusted Life" A bipolar art journal

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the late 90s, while I was working full time as an art director and working on my MFA in drawing at Colorado State. I have struggled with depression and manic episodes ever since. Medication has helped occasionally, but I was diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia over the last few years, with unnatural and uncontrollable body movements (my jaw) caused by bipolar medications. This series has taken me over two months to complete. I just kept trying to find the right combinations of text, background, and 3D figures. First, I tried army men to represent that it is all a battle, but they seemed too violent for a pacifist like me.

I then found army men in yoga poses, but they were too big. I ended up with these adult and child figures in everyday poses. The whole idea of rust came from an Andrew Solomon book where he talked about depression. He said that depression was to the soul as rust was to iron. From that day, rust became part of my art vocabulary. The text on these images comes from artist statements from my many art installations over the last 20 years.

Encased in 5” x 7” box frames, these sell for $100 plus shipping. You can contact me directly at Use the text on the piece as the title for reference for me. They will soon be made available on this website as well.

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