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Colored Pencil Artist

Colored Pencil Artist
I have been working in colored pencils since the
early 80s, when I began working as an illustrator
in Dallas, TX. I have continued to utilize them as my primary drawing tool into 2022. 


Colored Pencil Artist

Mixed Media and Assemblage

I enjoy using wood, old photos, paper, wire and found objects in my mixed media assemblage work.
I spent 14 years creating and teaching collage, assemblage, and photo transfer at the college level. 

Colored Pencil Artist

Wire Drawing
I've been working with wire as a drawing medium since the late 90s when I was working on my MFA in Drawing at Colorado State University. I've worked with baling wire, aluminum wire, and nickel silver. 

Colored Pencil Artist

Once I started graduate school and began working with wire as an art form, the next step was to work larger and that is when I began doing gallery-sized installations. I created many things that were
based on memory—including a clothesline, saltwater fishing, and a garage sale. I continue to display many of these installations across the country and abroad. 

example of a more grunge design using quotes from Zumi, plus images of my colored pencil drawings as a background

Graphic Designer

While working as an illustrator, I also served as
an art director for an advertising agency, non-
profit agency, promotion service marketer,
two youth magazines, and more. This piece is a
new design, strickly for resale as framed prints,
or canvas reproduction. 

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